Public Spaces Protection Orders Consultation SHBC

I spotted this on StreetLife today and thought it worthy of a blog post


I’ll start by saying that I’ve not noticed very much in the way of begging in the town centre and since I haven’t ventured into Camberley for an evening out for several years can’t recall much drunken behaviour either and while I sympathise with homeless people in need, I’m sure that additional powers to eliminate both of these from the streets is a good thing.

Dog fouling is of course another matter. As someone that ‘pounds the streets’ regularly, delivering literature for my Party, I’m acutely aware of the problems of dog mess on streets and feel that more needs to be done.

These proposed new powers are a start – aimed at tackling the issue in local parks and gardens – but the real problem is the inability of the council to enforce the regulations due to lack of staff. When money is tight it can only be spent on essential things and issues like dog fouling are non-essential.

The one other thing I would like to add is that I’d like to see the areas covered by the new dog fouling rules extended to include paved and grass areas around the schools in our Borough. Allowing a dog to foul in a park, perhaps with the excuse that the dog was off the lead and a long way off and “I didn’t see him do it” is one thing, but allowing them to foul right by a school when they are on a lead and no more than a few feet away is not acceptable.

I would encourage you to fill in the quick survey and perhaps consider adding my proposal re schools in the comment section at the end.



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