Proposed new parking restrictions in three locations in Frimley Green

With thanks to the Mytchett, Frimley Green and Deepcut Society, I’d like to draw your attention to some traffic proposals that are up for consultation in the New Year.

What is proposed are new parking restrictions in three locations in Frimley Green;


The first is to introduce No Parking around the north east edge of the green and the eastern corner where The Hatches, The Green and Bedfords Lane meet.

I live on Cross Lane and I know how tricky this corner can  be at times but much of the reason is that people living there have cars and need to park. If this area is restricted where will they park? Most likely further along The Hatches which itself can get pretty tricky to navigate when busy.

This side of the green is also where the nursery is. Stopping people parking here will mean parents collecting children having to park further away, potentially increasing the risk of a child being knocked down and also blocking The Hatches even more.

As I say, I live in the area and know that it’s tricky but this solution is simply going to move the problem a few yards down the road not solve it.

Second proposal shown in the image above is for No Parking near to the Community Centre on Wharfenden Way. I’m not familiar with the problems here but as a friend pointed out, this road is often used by people visiting Frimley Green Medical Centre or the Library as the official Centre car park is often full. If you stop parking here, where will people go?



Third proposal is for No Parking on the roads near to Sandringham School on Paddock Hill. As a former resident of Morton Close I’m also aware of the problems here during school times, but the same argument I put forward for The Green applies.

If you stop people parking at the school they will simply move a few meters further down the road and cause the same problem there. Traffic is busy by the school at certain times, but in an odd way the congestion helps to slow down the cars in that area which is a good thing. If you clear the corner outside the school, cars will travel faster round it – right outside the gate.

The one exception for me is parking on the corner of Dunbar Road which I agree should be stopped as it makes crossing this road quite dangerous.

Anyhow, these proposals are being prepared for consultation although I can’t see anywhere on the County or Borough Council web sites about where to register concerns.

For now, I would recommend emailing our County Councillor, or one of the Borough Councillors,



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