Perfect Storm of Planning Applications Approaching

There is something of a perfect storm brewing with respect to planning developments in and around Surrey Heath with three massive schemes on the drawing board at the same time.


The problem is, they sit in three separate jurisdictions – Runnymede, Woking and Surrey Heath.

The first is the (minimum 1,500 home) Longcross Garden Village, announced by the government recently, second is the 3,500 homes Woodham New Town development and third is the 1,500 home development of Fairoaks airport in Chobham.


You can see from the map above how close these three developments are (click to enlarge) and imagine what sort of congestion this is going to cause.

But the real danger here is that planning permission is a Borough activity and so there is no requirement for any joined-up thinking between councils. Also, as none of the sites are currently approved, any questions raised about the impact from other developments is likely to be dismissed as speculation.

UKIP branches locally are working together to exchange information and ideas about the three plans and aim to ensure that the three developments are looked at as a whole by the respective councils and not as three separate applications.

Help us to help you more – Vote UKIP on 4th May.


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