Seven years and they still can’t get it right

CETA the EU’s flagship transatlantic trade deal with Canada is due to come into effect in the next few months.

Foreign affairs and trade

Having taken 7 years to agree – and after nearly being scuppered at the 11th hour by the Belgian region of Wallonia it looks like all systems are finally go according to this article.

But as usual with the EU, all is not as it seems. EU bureaucrats try and paint a rosy picture;

“This is one of the highest quality agreements ever negotiated and clearly highlights the benefits of free trade,”

But concerns over the agreement show just what “High Quality” actually means for the EU (my emphasis);

Anne-Marie Mineur, the GUE/NGL shadow rapporteur, said, “It is a terrible agreement for many reasons. Not only is there very little basis for all the big promises of jobs and economic growth, yet huge risks for our labour rights, environmental protection and consumer rights, but there are also still a lot of loose ends in the dossier. The lack of democratic involvement and minimal transparency also set an alarming precedent for trade agreements to come.”

A Greenpeace trade policy adviser described the negotiating process “indoctrination” and said;

“an honest look at the evidence would force them to recognise that multinationals are gearing up for an assault on nature, on our health and on social rights.”

Just one more reason to be grateful that we voted Leave last June and will soon be free to set our own trading arrangements with the World.


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