Trump’s Ambassador Upsets The EU – I Like Him Already

This article really cheered me up when I read it;

EU Waste Small

I’ve made no comments about President Trump on my blog, for reasons I explained here, but I couldn’t let the news that his proposed EU ambassador is upsetting so many in Brussels pass by without some comment.

The statements from these Europhile MEPs are ridiculous, contradictory and massively hypocritical.

In fact so many of the comments are deserving of a response that this has turned into quite post. So take five minutes out of your day and enjoy this little meander through the meadows of EU Group-think nonsense (and thank your lucky stars that we’ll soon be free from it) . . .

MEPs have made a withering attack on the man tipped to become the next US ambassador to the EU after he said the Union was categorised by “over-regulation, low growth, high unemployment, and structural rigidity. The failure of the European integration project should by now be self-apparent to everyone. This is simply not something Churchill or Roosevelt would countenance. The European Union has become undemocratic and bloated by both bureaucracy and rampant anti-Americanism.”

He seems to have a pretty good grasp of the EU, I like him already.

“[The Trump administration]  may be able to encourage a reversal of the EU’s accelerating drive to a socialist, protectionist, United States of Europe.”

Sounds good so far. So what have MEPs had to say on the matter?

Swedish Greens MEP Linnéa Engström branding them as “Rubbish, rubbish and utterly rubbish.”

Really? The EU itself admits there is “over-regulation”, by any economic measure there has been “low growth” in recent years and predictions are for this to continue and “high unemployment” (especially among the young) is crippling countries across the Mediterranean. Sounds like Malloch is spot on.

She added, “we shouldn’t give this clown our attention.”

UK Socialist deputy Claude Moraes said, “His many needlessly provocative remarks have revealed an ill-informed contempt for the EU.”

But calling him a “clown” isn’t?  And as for the comments from MEPs and EU Presidents about Trump leading up to and after his democratic election as US President, they were as ill-informed contemptuous about the US as you could get.

Austrian EPP group member Paul Rübig, said, “In my view, it is also in the national US interest to closely work together with a Europe that speaks with one voice on the world stage as a close partner and ally.”

Perhaps you should have made that point rather than slagging of the newly elected President to anyone in the media who would listen. Oh, and by the way the EU is not Europe Mr Rübig, you should know that the EU only ‘speaks’ for 28 (soon to be 27) of the 44 countries in Europe.

“I expect from a future US ambassador to the EU that he supports the four EU freedoms”

Why should he (or anyone else for that matter) be ‘expected’ to agree with you? Talk about arrogance.

“These achievements have brought peace and prosperity to our continent over the past decades.”

Ah the old “brought peace” nonsense. You think that denigrating the work of NATO (which is massively and disproportionately funded by the US) is a way to win friends across the pond? And as for prosperity – are you joking?

More comment came from UK Socialist deputy Richard Corbett who said, “Ted Malloch appears to be ignorant as to how the EU works. He faces a steep learning curve.”

As a professor at Henley Business School in the UK, I’d say he probably has a fair idea of how the EU works. His assessment seems pretty good so far.

German deputy Ska Keller, co-Chair of the Greens/EFA group, commented, “His article is a provocation and a diplomatic disaster. Ted Malloch puts America first, at all political costs.”

Whereas the EU’s comments about Trump such as describing him as a virus were kind, welcoming, encouraging and positive? And, just a thought, but isn’t it the job of a government to put its citizens first?

German Socialist Jo Leinen, a member of the parliament’s foreign affairs committee said, “The European Union should refuse to accredit Malloch whose latest remarks about the EU show he is unfit for the job.”

By unfit for the job, you mean he is prepared to publicise EU failings and refuses to play along with the “emperor’s new clothes” attitude towards the EU.

Socialist group leader Gianni Pittella was one of the leaders of three main parties in the parliament who recently wrote to the European Commission and the European council calling for Malloch’s potential nomination to be blocked. The letter was also authored by the leaders of the European Parliament’s centre-right EPP and liberal ALDE groups, Manfred Weber and Guy Verhofstadt.

So your way of dealing with people who disagree with you is to shut them down, deny them the opportunity to discuss issues openly and freely, refuse to countenance an opposing view?  Very liberal and democratic!

Elsewhere, Shada Islam, Director of Europe & Geopolitics at the think tank, Friends of Europe, said, “The world is changing and the EU – like other countries [1] – should adapt to it. With the US no longer rooting for Europe [2], the EU must work harder to stand proudly alone [3] – and work with other partners that it has tended to neglect or treat perfunctorily in the past [4].”

[1] So you see the EU as a “country”? Perhaps like a United States of Europe (as Mr Malloch said).
[2] I’m sure Trump is firmly rooting for Europe – just not for the EU.
[3] And I thought Brexiteers were supposed to be the isolationists?
[4] So if your friends won’t play to your rules, you’re going to pick up the ball and go and find some new friends to play with – pathetic.

What you’ll notice from all of the comments above is that no-one in the EU has the dignity and grace to accept an opposing view point.

None of them stated that they looked forward to talking with the ambassador to demonstrate to him what is good about the EU project (perhaps because there’s very little to show), nobody said they were sure that after spending time in Brussels he would change his mind.

And not one person was prepared to accept that as the democratically elected president of the United States of America it is President Trump’s right to appoint who he damn well wants as ambassador.

I’m soooooooooooooooooooo glad we voted Leave last June.


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