EU plans new solution to infrastructure spending shortfall – PFI schemes

Almost like a legal form of Ponzi scheme, the EU has had a recent epiphany and is looking to PFI schemes to “maintain its leading role in public services”.

As the Guardian reported a couple of years ago;

Crippling PFI deals leave Britain £222bn in debt. Treasury data analysis unearths the ‘enormous financial disaster’ of Private Finance Initiatives

Despite this abject failure of a (mostly Labour) policy that is now crippling the NHS and our armed fources, the EU now think it’s the solution – Genius.

They need to attract greater private capital and strengthen cooperation between the public and private sectors, since this can improve the provision of public services and greatly contribute to modernising the public sector. Setting up public-private partnerships (PPPs) might be a major help in achieving this objective.

Of course, were it not for the fact that we’re now leaving the EU this would be a lot more serious.

Happily the Great British people saw sense and Voted Leave last June so we will be mostly unaffected by this latest EU disaster.




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