Thoughts on the Local Election Results

Been a hectic few weeks, with the Local Election campaigning and trying to sort things for the General Election (more later in the week on this), but today I wanted to cover the local election results.


Needless to say I was disappointed with my vote share in the County Council elections.

I always felt that beating Paul Deach would be a tall order as he is a well known and well respected local figure with a large social media following from his Surrey Heath residents network.

However I didn’t think that so many people would vote to give the Tories such a majority and therefore such a mandate for what is to come.

For example, how many who voted for Paul heard him at the Hustings event say that he supported a 15% council tax rise?

At least when that referendum comes around – and it will, in the next year or two – Paul can say with honesty that he supports it and he made that clear before being elected.

So what else have people actually voted for apart from a massive Council Tax hike? Well, my guess is the following;

  • Cuts to library services
  • Cuts to youth centre funding
  • Cuts to the fire service
  • Millions more gambled on dubious property developments
  • Fewer people getting their first choice school place
  • Further decay to our roads

As UKIP continue to say in our campaigns, you know exactly what you’re going to get from a Conservative run County Council  – we’ve seen it over the past 20+ years – and to continue to vote for them you must clearly be happy and willing to accept that.

If that is the case, then fine, but when the cuts start to bite and Council Tax goes up and up and up, you know who is responsible.


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