Thoughts on the General Election Part 1 – Locally

You will have noticed, if you live in Surrey Heath, that UKIP are not standing a candidate against Michael Gove this time around.

It was a decision taken by the Branch after a discussion and vote and was passed by a narrow margin.

There were several reasons for this decision, in no particular order;

  • Michael took a massive political risk in backing Brexit and playing such a key role in the Leave campaign. Despite our political differences, this was appreciated by local UKIP members that I’ve spoken to.
  • We believe Michael shares our vision for what Brexit actually means.
  • Members reported lots of former UKIP voters saying they were going to vote for the Conservatives this time round.
  • Standing in a General Election is not cheap – £500 deposit which you only get back if you get more than 5% of the vote, £1000 for an election address plus additional costs for any other election material.

So we’ll not be standing a candidate in Surrey Heath.

I saw a tweet from the Monster Raving Loony Party that they were putting up a candidate which would have been fun, but sadly this is not the case so there are 4 candidates; the same three as last time from Conservatives, LibDems and Labour, and a new name from the Green Party.


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