Thoughts on the General Election Part 2 – Brexit

Surrey Heath aren’t the only UKIP Branch not standing a candidate in the upcoming General Election.

Across the Country many Branches have considered what is best for Brexit, as this election is becoming a de facto second referendum on our EU membership, and decided not to fight against a pro-Brexit MP. But this doesn’t mean UKIP’s job is done.

I’ll cover our non-Brexit election manifesto next time, but what we want from the Brexit negotiations are as follows;

  • UK courts and Parliament will be supreme. No laws made in Brussels and the European Court no longer having jurisdiction over the UK. Scrap the ECHR and replace it with our own UK Bill of Rights.
  • Full control of our borders including a proper, fair and non-discriminatory immigration policy that prioritises people with skills and experience that we are currently missing in the UK.
  • Regain control of our fishing waters as determined by international maritime law. This has the opportunity to provide a massive, sustainable boost to the UK economy and importantly the economy of seaside towns up and down the Country.
  • Re-take our seat at the World Trade Organisation and reinstate our ability to make trade deals with any country in the World. We’ve already heard from more than a dozen countries interested in a trade deal with the UK that will be another massive boost to the economy. I hope we can also agree a free-trade deal with the EU – as plenty of other countries around the world have – but if not, then WTO rules will apply on both sides.
  • No final settlement and no on-going payments for any reason.

It’s clear that the best way to secure the style of Brexit that we want is to give May the mandate needed to push through.

A large mandate will make it clear to the EU that the country is united and firmly committed to leaving, and it will also put paid (hopefully) to the Remainers out there who are now reportedly around 22% of voters – less than half the number that voted Remain last June.


One response to “Thoughts on the General Election Part 2 – Brexit

  1. resnpoding to ‘GE part 1 and part 2’. – I would agree with your views expressed in both part 1 and part 2 here.
    PS Branch website makes reference to this situation too


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