Thoughts on the General Election Part 3 – Other Policy

Having won our fight for Brexit, many people now believe that UKIP’s work is done. But this is far from the truth.

There are a good number of policy ideas that we put forward in 2015 that we will continue to fight for, and it’s telling that both the main parties have now adopted some of our policies.

  • Combining health and social care was part of our 2015 manifesto and it’s interesting to see that in Surrey Heath, the local Clinical Commissioning Group are implementing just this strategy.
  • Our plan for more grammar schools has been picked up by the Conservatives, although Labour seem – inexplicably – against it.
  • Meanwhile the Labour party announced last week that they were stealing our policy on ending hospital parking charges.

So it’s as important as ever that UKIP remain the voice of common sense, and five areas we want to focus on in this election are;

  • NHS before Foreign Aid – cut foreign aid by £10bn per year and spend much of this on the NHS; on 8,000 more doctors and 20,000 more nurses.
  • Cut immigration – Something that can only be done now that we’re leaving the EU. Relieve the pressure on housing, schools, emergency and public services.
  • Electoral and House of Lords reform – introduce a fairer form or proportional representation so that every vote counts and reform of the House of Lords to stop it being a mechanism of reward for donations and cronyism.
  • A More Secure Britain – an additional 20,000 soldiers and 20,000 police and a proper commitment to spending 2% GDP on the armed forces.
  • Protect British Culture – one legal system for all, defend equality and free speech.

While you won’t be able to vote for UKIP in Surrey Heath at this election, and although it’s unlikely that we’ll win more than a seat or two, if you’re a UKIP supporter there are lots of reasons to be optimistic for the future of the Party and the future of our Country.


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