Well I don’t think anyone was really expecting that!

There are hundreds of column inches written by more learned people than I, trying to explain what has gone on and what happens now so I’ll stick to a few key points that that are UKIP related;

The LibDem surge didn’t materialise and 85% of people voted for parties committed to leaving the EU – as John McDonnell confirmed on Sunday, Labour are in favour of leaving the single market – which is good news for Brexit.

To many people’s surprise including mine (although not Brendan Chilton of Labour Leave) more UKIP voters than expected were old Labour voters who would never vote Conservative, and in the absence of a UKIP candidate reverted to Corbyn and boosted the Labour vote.

It’s clear that the young vote increased significantly. Perhaps this was as a result of the EU Referendum result, perhaps the Labour Party made a concerted effort to get the student vote out with their promise of free cash, perhaps it was also due to the fact that the vote was held in University term time (early May elections often coincide with Easter holidays) and so it was much easier to galvanise support. Whatever the reason, the younger voters were clearly motivated to get involved which has to be good thing.

UKIP (and other smaller Parties) often complain about vote share compared to seats won and it’s clear that once again true democratic representation was the biggest loser in this election.

But if we were operating under a Proportional Representation system (and votes had remained the same), the ‘Progressive Alliance’ of Labour-LibDem-Green would have had the majority in Parliament and would now be forming a new government.


2 responses to “Well I don’t think anyone was really expecting that!

  1. PR – the holy grail of parties that aren’t in power! (I write as a once-committed LD.) The trouble is, once in power through a first-past-the-post system, enthusiasm for PR seems to wane….


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