Cheese Up Your Life

If you love cheese, you’ll love this – or you would have done if I’d told you earlier. Because back on 8th June the EU held the concluding part of the European “CHEESE UP YOUR LIFE” programme.

Yes, really.

The Eurozone is fast becoming a financial basket case, violence and terrorism are widespread, unemployment is at eyewatering levels but the EU are focused on cheese – but it gets better.

This program was only run in the Republic of Ireland (2.2%), Northern Ireland(<0.5%), Denmark (4.6%) and France (18.8%).  Numbers in brackets here indicate share of EU cheese production – so this was actually a thinly veiled promo for the French cheese industry, funded by your EU money – Brie-lliant!

But it’s the wording of the promotion that I love most . . .

Cheese is an essential part of Europe’s heritage. From sensory perceptions to cultural food patterns, international experts will share the latest insights on cheese.

what could these latest cheesy nuggets (of information) be?  and

Eight thousand years after the discovery of cheese in Europe, we are still finding new ways to consume it.

I only know the one where you put it in your mouth, what have I been missing?

And the part of the day that I’m most disappointed about missing was the session;


Imagine, all these years I’ve just placed cheese in the fridge when it turns out there are more contemporary places to put it.

Who’d have thought?



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