EU Desperate For New Friends

With the UK getting ready to break away the EU is desperate to show its Global importance, and so this week they have been discussing and championing a new “window of opportunity” with . . . Cuba.

Yep, you read that right – Cuba.


Well there are two articles here and here that discuss some of the perceived merits, but buried in the text are a couple of interesting paragraphs that give pretty good reasons why not (my emphasis);

The state of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Cuba still bears much to improve. To this end, a more open channel needs to be established for better analysis and a more vigorous look at the state of human rights in Cuba as they exist today. 

Reports from Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International continue to surface of government critics, political activists and human rights defenders being subject to arbitrary arrest, short-term detention, and even more severe forms of harassment and intimidation.

Human rights groups report the oppression of religious groups and smear campaigns against religious leaders and communities. 

According to this list of freedom indices on Wikipedia, Cuba ranks as badly as it can be in all three measures. This puts it alongside Iran and North Korea in terms of lack of freedom – even China and Venezuela aren’t as bad as that.

This is the sort of regime that the Liberal elites should be railing against, not trying to cosy up to.

For Cuba, because it is strongly dependent on new international partners. Venezuela, its most important partner and economic sponsor, has gotten lost in a chaos of hunger, inflation, violence, crime and economic downfall. US President Donald Trump has openly declared he was dropping his predecessor’s rapprochement policy with Havana. Cuba, poor in resources, needs new partners.

Maybe this is the real reason – the desire to be “anti-Trump” at any cost?

Whatever the actual reason I, for one, am delighted that we voted Leave and will soon be rid of this nonsense.


2 responses to “EU Desperate For New Friends

  1. The charge of human rights violations is a pretext used to smear the Cuban government. The various arrests in Cuba target mercenaries paid by people keen on meddling in Cuba’s domestic politics. Basic human rights include the right to life, education, and health care. UN human rights experts on visits to Cuba have acknowledged that Cuba guarantees the rights of her citizens. Interestingly, critics of Cuba in the US are silent about the depravity of a US system where citizens lack the right to education and health care. For a college degree, Americans require outrageous loans that essentially enslave them. People with logs in their eyes are in no position to offer lessons to others.


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