EU – how to lose friends and alienate people

Paul J Chapman FIChemE

Having come out in almost unanimous revulsion when Trump was elected as US President, the EU now finds itself potentially on the receiving end of the US Presidents’ hard-line approach to Russia.

Last autumn the EU, like much of the political elite across Europe, went into meltdown over Donald Trump’s election success;

Jean Claude-Juncker, who said, “The election of Trump poses the risk of upsetting intercontinental relations in their foundation and in their structure.”


Verhofstadt: Donald Trump poses profound threat to EU


one senior member even said President Trump would not be welcome in Europe


It’s a sad day for the world. Trump is the expression of a virus spreading across the US & Europe. EU should be the anti-body to this virus


electing Trump, “today is a sad day; A sad day for the entire world

In the mean time, Trump has united both US…

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