MEPs’ Interrail proposal would come at huge cost

From this article comes the following paragraphs;

Brexit has shaken the foundations of the European Union. Where it has been growing and centralising relentlessly for decades, for the first time it must contend with a nation leaving.

This grave reversal has motivated the architects of a federal Europe not to re-think, but to double-down on their own propaganda. For a long time the EU has given handouts to non-governmental organisations which promote it, as detailed in the fantastic report ‘Euro Puppets’, and has spent huge amounts on propaganda gimmicks. Recent research shows Brexit has led it to pursue old habits.

So it seems that austerity and belt-tightening once again doesn’t apply to the EU and its insatiable desire to give away vast swathes of your money as thinly veiled propaganda. The article continues;

Given the numbers turning 18 each year, this means the proposal would cost between €1.1bn and a staggering €2.6bn per year.

The European Parliament’s willingness to throw so much money away on this ‘free’ Interrail plan – even as Brexit ensures they will have less money to spend – shows how desperate to shore up their creaking project these apparatchiks have become.

Billions would be spent on a huge hand-out for middle-class young people to travel across Europe in their holidays and gap years, even as mass unemployment creates a lost generation in southern Europe.

Happily we’ll be out of this farce in a couple of years.



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