EU – Do was we say, not as we do

The European Parliament has repeatedly called for social progress and the protection of EU workers’ rights, while failing to offer its own interns decent working conditions

As this article outlines;

we read stories from interns within the European institutions, who did not have enough money to buy food, or not enough money to afford a flat in Brussels and had to sleep on camping sites and in tents

only one in two interns receives an allowance that is sufficient to cover the everyday costs of living in Brussels.

It is a shame that the European institutions, above all the European Parliament, seem to forget their warm words on youth empowerment when it comes to internships within their own premises. Young people are far too often required to finance their internships with their own resources.

They depend on their parents or own reserves – if they have any. In reality this often means that internships are only possible for those who have the financial means necessary to work for free.

Utter hypocrisy from the EU – no change there then.


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