About Me

Who – Probably the best place to start.  Well, I am a Professional Engineer, Amateur Photographer, Novice Water Colour Painter, Husband and Father.  I’ve lived in the Surrey Heath area with my wife and daughter for over 20 years and in Frimley Green for the last ten.  By day I am an engineering consultant in the Oil & Gas Industry and in my spare time I am a keen amateur photographer and armchair sports fan. 

I took over as Chair of Surrey Heath UKIP in summer 2013 and since November 2014 I have been Chair of UKIP Surrey.

Why – My interest in politics was sparked a couple of years ago with the rise of UKIP.  The more I read about the financial excesses and political meddling from Europe, the skewed morality of the Human Rights Act and the impact of large numbers of unskilled and semiskilled workers coming in from continental Europe the more convinced I became that something had to be done.  I am not the sort of person who is happy to sit at home and shout at the TV, and so I resolved to do my bit to curb this proliferation of EU control.

What – As with most people I have views on a range of different subjects and there is no single party that agrees 100% with my views, if you’ve managed to find a single party that ticks all your boxes then you’re very lucky indeed.  However the policies of UKIP dovetail with my beliefs better than any other party by some distance.  More importantly, the issues that I feel most strongly about are those that UKIP also campaigns about most vociferously – specifically the encroachment of the EU into issues that I believe should be handled by the sovereign government alone and the undemocratic and unaudited way that the EU is allowed to operate.

How – I am an ordinary member of the public, not an elected official, and so I have the same opportunities and choices as the majority of people.  The best way to effect change is through democracy, and that means gaining a sufficiently large amount of support for a particular issue.  This enables those with the power to see that we are not happy about a particular issue and do something about it.  Of course politics shouldn’t just be about changing what is wrong but celebrating what is right and allowing others to benefit from our experience.  This is one area that I think the three main political parties suffer with all the time – the inability to admit that someone else had a good idea that worked.  Maybe that is par for the course in Whitehall but it’s not the way I work and so I am as much about celebrating the positive as I am about seeking to change the negative.

Where – In order to generate support it is necessary to communicate issues and concerns to the widest possible audience, which is what the media is designed for – social media such as this blog and twitter, local web sites or traditional local press.  Other opportunities to raise issues and garner support come from membership of local groups and societies, and I am active here too.  On a wider scale of course I am a member of the Surrey Heath UKIP Branch and this helps to spread the word more widely in the Borough, the County and the Region.  Check the links page for useful local websites, and social media.

When – Right now, and every day.  New thoughts and opinions arise all the time, and I try as hard as I can in the time I have to keep up to date.  I hope this blog will provide you with a resource to locate local and national issues and the relative political stances behind them.  I will update the calendar page with events that I am particularly interested in or participating in.  The links page will direct you to other on-line information sources.


Finally, I need to put in a disclaimer here, although I am a member of UKIP please note that the views and opinions expressed throughout this blog are strictly my own.

And absolutely finally; this blog is written and promoted by and for myself, Paul Chapman, 23 Cross Lane, Frimley Green, Surrey.