Culture and Britishness

Some people regard this as irrelevant, not politics and something not to be discussed – for various reasons.

But for UKIP, ensuring that British values and British culture are preserved is vitally important.  The UK has always been an open and embracing country, and taking on-board aspects of other cultures – as far back as the days of the Empire – is what has made Britain what it is today.

  • UKIP recognises and values an overarching, unifying British culture, which is open and inclusive to anyone who wishes to identify with Britain and British values, regardless of their ethnic or religious background.
  • Official documents will be published in English and, where appropriate Welsh and Scots Gaelic.
  • UKIP will ensure that the law is rigorously enforced in relation to ‘cultural’ practices which are illegal in Britain, such as forced marriages, FGM and so-called ‘honour killings’
  • We will review the BBC Licence Fee with a view to its reduction. Prosecution of non-payments of the Licence Fee would be taken out of the criminal sphere and made a civil offence.
  • UKIP will amend the smoking ban to give pubs and clubs the choice to open smoking rooms properly ventilated and separated from non-smoking areas.
  • UKIP opposes ‘plain paper packaging’ for tobacco products and minimum pricing of alcohol.



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