Immigration and Asylum

A fundamental part of UKIP policy.  It is impossible to restrict migration from the EU as long as we remain a member of the EU.  Free movement of people is one of the four fundamental freedoms of the EU and it is ridiculous for anyone to suggest that the EU will allow renegotiation in this area;

  • Leave the EU and regain control of our borders
  • End mass uncontrolled immigration
  • UKIP recognises the benefits of limited, controlled immigration
  • Entry to work in the UK will be by work permit, only to fill gaps in the UK job market
  • Instigate a points-based immigration system similar to that used in countries like Australia and Canada and extend this to citizens from the EU as well as the rest of the World
  • Improve border security with another 2,500 border staff
  • Comply fully with the 1951 UN Convention on Refugees
  • Return illegal immigrants to their country of origin
  • Those seeking permanent leave to remain in the UK will be subject to a stricter English language test as part of the condition
  • All visitors to the UK, whether for work or pleasure will be required to have adequate health insurance.  Those without insurance will be refused entry – this will end the problem of health tourism
  • Reintroduce the Primary Purpose Rule (abolished by the Labour government) whereby those marrying or seeking to marry a British citizen will have to convince the admitting officer that marriage, not citizenship, is the primary purpose of entry

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