Sat 30-May

Well, what a month that was!  Really pleased with my second place in Surrey Heath and a big thank you to the 7,778 people who voted for me and for UKIP.

We weren’t successful in the local elections which was a bit of a disappointment but we’ll be making sure that our newly elected councillors do their jobs properly.

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve been looking at some of the good and bad points of the election to learn what we can do better next time.

Then it’s onward and upward – next year we have the Police and Crime Commissioner elections, then in 2017 the County Council elections and our chance to vote OUT with the EU Referendum. Life’s never dull!

Sun 26-Apr

Ages since my last update (sorry), so what’s been going on? Well most importantly the UKIP Manifesto has been launched – I wrote a blog about that back on 17th April. That same day saw the second Hustings event at the Mytchett, Frimley Green and Deepcut Society AGM which was good fun.

Since then, it’s been all hands to the pumps locally and regionally with campaigning, delivering papers and supporting Nigel in Thanet too.  Yesterday we had our first street stall in Camberley Town centre all day which was a big success with lots of support.

Next week is the final full week of campaigning and includes a Surrey Heath Youth Council Hustings on Wednesday.

Mon 13-Apr

Well it’s been another very hectic 10 days since my last update.  Managed to get our four candidates approved for the SHBC Elections and myself approved officially as UKIP Parliamentary Candidate.

Last Friday saw the first Surrey Heath Hustings event take place – at High Cross Church – I’ve written a blog post on it and will probably add another, replying to some of the comments made by the other candidates.

This week sees another event, as part of the Mytchett Frimley Green and Deepcut Society meeting, on Friday evening.

Then it’s into some serious walking, knocking on doors and delivering election information for people to digest before the postal vote forms are sent out around 24th April.

Sat 04-Apr – Happy Easter

Mixed emotions this week – new artificial football pitch opened in Frimley Green on Monday, a new Branch officially formed in Surrey on Tuesday, funeral of a UKIP legend on Wednesday, the drama of the Leaders’ debate on Thursday, a day of delivering papers and getting forms signed on Friday.

Today Mrs C and I had a tour of the County to deliver paperwork in Woking, Guildford, Nutfield and Egham.  Time to relax now and have a day off tomorrow – well from UKIP anyway!

Sat 28-Mar

Another busy week for me – final candidates and agents briefing for the elections, we’re now getting all the candidates signed up.  Wednesday I was guest speaker at the Epsom & Mole Valley monthly meeting which was good fun and Thursday I attended the UKIP South East Regional committee in London.  Only one meeting next week, so with the lighter evenings coming I’ll be out and about in the Borough delivering UKIP papers and knocking on some doors.

Sun 22-Mar

Have added some new download pages today – you can now download your own copy of the UKIP Surrey Newspaper, my election address (coming to a letterbox near you soon), a couple of window poster designs and some other UKIP related info.

Thu 19-Mar

After a nice weekend with Vicky (including being beaten by Deena in a game of Over-The-Hill-Opoly) it was back to normal.

Been out delivering UKIP newspapers and also met up with a local GP Practice Manager to talk with him about the NHS and primary care.  Very enlightening and informative.

Allowing myself the weekend off as it’s my birthday, but it will be full steam ahead from next week.  Three meetings already in the diary Mon, Wed & Thur.

Fri 13-Mar

So another couple of weeks have flown by.  Deena and I were invited to the UKIP Immigration Policy launch last Wednesday which was great fun.  Since then I’ve been busy delivering newspaper and preparing my Election Address which will be posted out to every home in the Borough in April.

Last night I attended the Surrey Heath Local Area Committee meeting – I’ll write a blog post about this over the weekend I think.

Daughter is coming home for the weekend so I’m going to (try and) turn off from politics for a couple of days and spend time with my girls, but it’ll be back to it in full force next week with more newspaper delivering and meetings.  Have a good weekend!

Sun 01-Mar

Super busy week, but learned lots and met some interesting people along the way.

Monday we had an Election Agents’ evening at SHBC.  Met some of the other candidates including Patrick Gill, the artist.  His face (and attitude) visibly changed when I told him who I was which was disappointing, and I’ve seen him tweet links to anti-UKIP articles this week. Hmmm.

Tuesday I met up with a prospective council candidate which was productive. Wednesday I spent a very interesting hour and a bit with Kevin Hurley the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner – blog post coming up on this.  I also popped into Guildford with Mrs C to look at the new Jaguar XE that’s coming out in April.

Friday I took part in a Hustings event at Guildford 6th Form College.  A Question Time format with 140 politics students as the audience, probably the biggest audience I’ve spoken in front of as PPC.  Am hoping that some (or all) of it will be up on YouTube, in which case I’ll post a link.

Yesterday we drove down to Margate for the UKIP Spring Conference.  Lots of great speeches that I’ll be featuring on here in the coming days and weeks.

Next week looks a little quieter – although there is a secret event coming up on Wednesday that I’ll blog about later in the week so watch this space.

Fri 20-Feb

Been a while since I’ve updated the news page – but I am keeping up with new blog posts at least. Two posts this week will be links to our new regular UKIP Surrey To You email bulletin, so even if you’re not a UKIP member you can still see what’s going on. Click on the photo to read the full bulletin and there should be a link to subscribe too but if you can’t see it just drop me an email and I’ll add you to the distribution.

Our AGM went well on Saturday, once the lack of a projector screen was sorted. Many thanks to all those who attended.

Since then I’ve been a but under the weather but hoping to shake off my cold before next week as I have meetings Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and three events on Friday to attend. Phew!

Sat 7-Feb
Lots to tell you about from this week.

If you are a UKIP member in Surrey, you should have received the first of our regular email bulletins on Thursday morning.  If you’ve not got it, check your spam folder or let me know and I’ll check the list.

Next, our fantastic 8-page election newspaper has arrived.  Currently planning the distribution – additional help always appreciated!

Met two potential Borough Council candidates this week for a chat. Am hopeful that they will both agree to stand as they will be a credit to the Borough.

Will be attending a meeting of the South East Region on Monday, my first meeting officially as Chairman of UKIP Surrey.  Then, on Thursday, there is a presentation from our Police & Crime Commissioner at Camberley Theatre.

Lastly, this coming Saturday is our Branch AGM and General Election launch event.

Sun 1-Feb
Has it really been two weeks since I updated this news page?!

Chaired my first UKIP Surrey Committee meeting yesterday which seemed to go well – only ran 2 minutes over time, which isn’t bad when you have a meeting of 20+ people.

Been a bit slow with blog posts since the New Year, but plan to spend the day writing some new content so look out for that in the coming days.

Sun 18-Jan
Another week has flown by, with some positive feedback from people looking to stand as Borough Councillors for UKIP in May.  Yesterday you may have spotted the UKIP Surrey poster truck out and about in the west of Surrey including Camberley and Guildford.  Today, it’s being driving round the east of the county.

This week we have a Branch Committee meeting and a training session on canvassing – and a photo exhibition that I am featured in comes to Camberley on Saturday for 5 days.

Sun 11-Jan

Hectic weekend coming to an end – visit to Kent for belated Christmas celebrations with family, then down to Winchester today to drop Vicky back at University ready to start her second semester.

Lots of ideas for blog posts but at the moment struggling to find the time to write them.  Also, exciting plans for Surrey campaigning starting to take shape as we look to ‘stick it to them’ in the GE2015.

Sat 03-Jan
Happy New Year.

Been off-line for the last week as we’ve been having a fun break in Gothenburg – will write a post and put up some pictures later.  Have also got a tonne of emails to get through so it’s going to be a busy weekend.

Sat 20-Dec
Last full week of work done, just a couple more work days to Christmas and 10 days off – Yay!

In case you haven’t seen my photos of the Christmas decs that are up at work, take a look at my Instagram feed.  More to be posted next week too.

Today, we’re off to Farnham to the last PPC Hustings for Surrey.  Hopefully by the end of the day we’ll have a full slate of Parliamentary candidates in the County and can start to plan for the General Election in full.

Sun 14-Dec
Lots more exciting things happening; this week D and I attended a Local Government Association meeting up in London which was very enlightening.  The County Council LAC meeting was also interesting, with lots of pressure on them to sort out Sturt Road flooding.

Have been so busy that I’ve not blogged much but have spent today lining up a number of articles for the next couple of weeks so I hope you get the time to read them.

Sun 07-Dec
Christmas is officially here – decs are up and we’ve already scoffed the first box of Quality Streets!

Highlight of the week ahead is the Surrey County Council Local Area Committee meeting this coming Thursday, that I’ll be covering for the Residents’ Network.  Two petitions being put before the committee and a group planning to challenge the committee re the flooding problems on Sturt Road railway bridge.

Wed 03-Dec
Had my first Christmas dinner of the season – fab food at The Red Bar & Lounge in Dorking.

Loved the sign for the toilets “Gents to the left, because Women are always right”.

Sat 29-Nov
Honoured to have been elected as Chairman of UKIP Surrey, taking over from the legendary Toby Micklethwait.  He’ll be a tough act to follow and his continued involvement in the County committee will be a terrific help.

Thur 27-Nov
A busy few days.  Committee meeting with another local Branch on Tuesday.  My trip to London yesterday for a meeting was cancelled last minute so I took the evening off. Received 25+ emails since lunchtime today so a busy evening ahead.

Nearly the weekend but more to do Saturday and Sunday – life’s never dull!  #VoteUKIP

Sun 23-Nov
Had a great night out last night at Lakeside for an Aldershot and Farnborough fund raiser with guest of honour . . . Mark Reckless.  Had a good chat we him and a couple of photo ops so that we could both tweet pictures of Mark helping take the UKIP fight to Michael Gove in Surrey Heath.

Busy week ahead with four UKIP related events all over the County and into London.

The future’s bright . . . the future’s Purple and Yellow!

Sat 22-Nov
What an amazing win for Mark.  In our 271st ranked seat, with the Conservatives ‘throwing the kitchen sink’, with the PM visiting 5 times (more than any PM to any by-election ever), with all MPs expected to visit 3 times and cabinet ministers 5 times, to come away with a win by 7% is incredible.

The sky really is the limit now.

Bookies are odds-on that at least two more MPs will defect before the General Election too.

It’s a great time to be a member of UKIP.

Tue 18-Nov

So it’s sorted, I’ll be driving a car-full to Rochester on Thursday to play our small part in British political history – telling at polling stations, driving members of the public to vote etc. to see Mark Reckless elected as UKIP’s second MP.

It’s going to be an incredible day – I hope.

Sun 16-Nov
Busy weekend planning and sorting dates for Q1 2015 – already have events booked for Feb and Mar, it’s going to be a mad mad spring I think!

Disappointed to miss the Camberley Farmers’ Market and Christmas lights switch-on yesterday but was feeling a bit under the weather – judging by the Video Blog, it looked like a good day.

Thur 13-Nov
One week to go before the potentially momentous occasion of Mark Reckless winning in Rochester.  Or should that be Mark Relentless – there surely can’t be a harder working politician in the country today.

I’m thrilled to have spent a day in Rochester a couple of weeks ago, canvassing on his behalf and contributing in a (very) small way.

In other non-political news, I’ve been asked to judge the latest competition for The Photographic Angle. The theme is Love Story – so if you’re a budding photographer, get submitting.

Sat 08-Nov
Where did this week go?

Keeping busy with a local select committee meeting on Wednesday, writing some blog articles coming up on here soon and starting to plan my 2015 General Election Campaign in more detail.

Having a lazy day today watching the rugby and following the footy.

Sat 01-Nov
Had a great trip to Rochester today to help canvass for Mark Reckless.

Amazed by the response – no matter how people were planning to vote, no-one had a bad word to say about Mark.  It really restored my faith in politicians (well some anyway).

Two Conservatives I met were having a real crisis of conscience – should they vote for their Man or their Party.  Of course I gave them my suggestion and left them some info.  What they do remains to be seen, but it’s clear that Mark is a man of great integrity and honesty and the people of Rochester really appreciate that.

Thur 30-Oct

Lots of non-political stuff keeping me active this week.

One amusing story that I came across related to Rochester by-election, apart from UKIP being 2/7 to win despite the Tory party ‘throwing the kitchen sink’ at the area (and getting the geography of the area wrong – did you see that?).

One of UKIP’s PPCs from the South coast was travelling home from Rochester earlier in the week, sitting near to Tory MP Amber Rudd (Conservative MP for Hastings East Sussex) where Amber was heard to say that while she was out canvassing that “all the Tory voters are VOTING UKIP”.

Blimey – Rochester was WAAAAY down the public list of likely UKIP target seats.  If we can win here, we can win anywhere.

Sun 26-Oct

End of a busy weekend.

Friday night spent at the Mytchett, Frimley Green and Deepcut Society meeting.  Great talk from Surrey Heath Clinical Commissioning Group and a piece from Cllr Paul Deach on Surrey Heath Residents Network.

Saturday was spent at a public speaking training session organised for UKIP candidates.  Learnt a few things and met some very passionate fellow Kippers.

Then hopped on the train to London to see Lee Mack at the Apollo and stayed over at St Paul’s Hotel, Hammersmith – highly recommended, food was fab.

Back home it was down to the chores and then the nice surprise of getting recognised in Frimley as UKIP Parliamentary Candidate for Surrey Heath – too bad I was dressed in my scruffy gardening gear!

Wed 22-Oct

Feeling rather cross at the withdrawal of Mike Read’s calypso song as a direct result of the LibLabCon closing rank again to try and discredit the party.

OK, the song wasn’t a lyrical master piece, but as a bit of fun and political satire it was great.  The reaction from our legacy parties showing themselves again to a be humourless bunch.

Apart from the usual nonsense about the song being “waycist”, two specific comments have really riled me;

Labour MP David Lammy said it showed the party were “tone deaf, elitists”.  I don’t know about the first part but to suggest that UKIP are elitist? Well if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle . . . erm . . . oops . . . oh dear . . . PC alert . . . better be careful here . . . you know what I mean.

But for sheer stupidity, the award goes to Conservative MP Nigel Evans “Why have they chosen a Jamaican calypso, which really represents a whole section of society they want to close the door to?”

Excuse me? close the door to?  UKIP are all about embracing the wider World – that was the point of the song being a calypso.  It is the protectionist EU (supported by the LibLabCon) that continues to limit access to Caribbean and African Countries, among others.

There’s even a line in the song that says it’s about the Commonwealth not the Common Market – how much clearer does it need to be for Nigel ‘idiot’ Evans that UKIP are pro-Caribbean, pro-Commonwealth, pro-the rest of the World and that it’s only him and his cronies in Westminster that can see no further than their EU masters.

Rant over . . . ahhh . . . that’s better.

Sun 19-Oct

Busy weekend.  Surprise visit from our daughter was a lovely surprise.

Thanks to some money left to me by my Nan (see blog post HERE) I treated myself to a Canon 70-200mm F2.8 L IS lens – what an amazing piece of kit, and cost more than my first car!

Today I dropped off another 2,300 newspapers for delivery around the borough.  That puts us at nearly 13,000 papers out and about in Surrey Heath since September – many thanks to all those that have helped.

Fri 17-Oct

Visited the M3 Managed Motorway exhibition in Farnborough today – well laid out, lots of people on hand to answer questions so top marks to highways agency for that.

One missing piece of information – WHEN WILL IT END?

Answer, end of 2016!

Yes, we will have 2 years of road works on the M3.

Shock, horror, delay, nightmare?  Not really, during peak hours the motorway through Camberley RARELY moves at 50mph anyway, so the fact that the speed will be restricted will make very little difference IMHO.

Thur 16-Oct

Busy couple of days;

Last night I had a meeting with UKIP member and Public Speaking trainer David Hunt.  He and I are arranging a Public Speaking workshop for UKIP members on Sat 25th October – there are a couple of places left if anyone wants to come along.

Tonight I attended the open evening for prospective Borough Council candidates in Surrey Heath.

Tomorrow is the presentation on M3 managed motorway at the Holiday Inn, Farnborough 2-8pm.


Tue 14-Oct
The date for the Rochester and Strood by-election has been announced as 20th November.

Can’t believe I’ve just read on the BBC web site that;

Labour has accused the Conservatives of delaying the election to remove some of the momentum UKIP is enjoying following the success in Clacton.

This is the same Labour Party that called the Heywood and Middleton by-election before the funeral of the previous MP had even taken place, just so that they could schedule it for the same day as Clacton to limit UKIP campaigning resources.

Gross hypocrisy in my view.

On a happier note, looking forward to attending the Spelthorne full Branch meeting this evening at The Bull Inn, Laleham Road, Shepperton.

Sun 12-Oct

Been a great weekend on my Twitter account – I’ve picked up 11 new followers!

If you’re a user of Social Media please consider following me for tweets and retweets about all things UKIP and Surrey Heath (with the occasional Keith Chegwin joke thrown in).  You can find me @Paul_J_Chapman.

Sat 11-Oct

Busy morning chairing UKIP Surrey meeting on policy.  Lots of good discussion about the exciting policies that have been announced this week.  You can read some of the details on the UKIP web site.

Spent the afternoon updating this site to include a section on policy to save you wandering too far!  This will be going live over the next couple of weeks.

Fri 10-Oct
I attended the 3 Villages public meeting tonight where Michael Gove hosted a Q&A on the aircraft trials that Heathrow airport are currently conducting, that are responsible for an awful lot of noise and disturbance in Bagshot, Lightwater and Windlesham.

You can listen to the full podcast on the Surrey Heath Residents  Network.